Extravagant aroma of hops,
gentle sweetness
and bitterness

Tip your glass and join us tonight to experience the unique story of Yona Yona Ale.
It begins with citrus-evoking aroma of cascade hops, followed by balanced sweetness and bitterness of caramel malt gently satisfying the palate. The aroma lingers even after travelling down the throat, and the “returning aroma” through the nose will leave you feeling relaxed.

Time to discover
another self

Bring the beer to your nose, take a deep inhale and take a gulp. Exhale relaxing the mind and take another gulp. Yona Yona Ale will invite you to a special experience where you can forget the everyday life and rediscover your true self. You may be surprised to discover “you” that you never knew before.

Brewed with Science
and Artistry

Our brewers strive every day to pursue our vision of craft beers that speak to the human senses. We start with a clear vision and carefully study the ingredients and manufacturing steps to achieve the ideal aroma and flavors. Scientific approach to beer is important, but together with inspirations that come from our curiosity, we create our truly unique craft beers.

The team

We take pride in making beers as a team, and it’s a policy that reflects our commitment to continue delivering quality beers to our customers. While backed up by scientific approach and figures in our discussions and decision-making, we always leave room for great minds to inspire one another and create ideas to foster innovations.

Product category: beer
Beer style: American Pale Ale
Incredients: malt and hops
ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 41.0 / EBC: 21.0
Retail price recommendation in Japan: JPY248(JPY273 tax incl.)
Expires in 8 months from production date
(when stored in cool, dark place)

Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited in Japan.
During pregnancy and lactation, alcohol can be harmful for the baby.

The International Beer Competiton
Gold in American Pale Ale

The International Beer Cup
Bronze in American Pale Ale

Where to buy in Japan
Available nationwide in supermarkets, CVS and liquor stores such as Lawson, Natural Lawson, Aeon, Yaoko, Life, Tokyu Store, Queen's Isetan, the Garden Jiyugaoka and Miuraya. Please inquire directly with retail stores for product availability.
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